What is transformational coaching?

Coaching, in general, is a partnership that maximises human potential. It provides a structure for you to bring your inner and outer worlds into alignment by articulating your vision, identifying your needs and core values, setting goals that you feel passionate about and creating a plan for your own development.

Transformational coaching is a wholistic coaching process based on the sacred interconnectedness of life, encompassing awareness of body, mind, environment, soul and spirit.

As part of whole-person coaching, I also integrate racial and social justice consciousness into my work, taking into account the impact of identity, power and privilege as well as institutionalised and systemic inequities. You do not need to check any part of yourself at the door - bring your whole beautiful self.

What coaching is not

Coaching differs from other helping professions like mentoring, consulting, training, psychotherapy or counselling.

Therapy (psychotherapy or counselling)
Therapy is frequently focused on the past and healing, whereas coaching looks forward and a focus is placed on expanding awareness and designing actions towards a more fulfilled life. Despite these differences, coaching can be a very healing process.

Consulting is usually concerned with developing a whole organisation systemically. Consultants are usually engaged for their expertise in addressing specific problems and offering solutions. Coaches, in contrast, support employees to discover and create their own solutions.

Training and teaching
In these professions, learning is supported through the imparting of knowledge. The approach coaches take is to support people to access their own learning resources.