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I have already had the privilege of having worked with numerous changemakers from a variety of fields. Here are some of their experiences in their own words.

I was introduced to Mandeep at a critical point in my life when I was leaving the non-profit institution which I had founded and run successfully for over 15 years. I was leaving at a time when the institution was at the center of the national governance discourse and there were fears that a transition would disrupt the great work that we were doing. I was also leaving at time when I had no clear idea of my next steps - In fact, after the 15 years of growing TISA, I had lost the sense of myself and my identity outside the institution.

At first, I was sceptical. That I, an African in my political context and world view, and she of Asian descent based in Europe – Would she get me? Would she hear me? Or would she subtly patronize me? Further our sessions would be remote, how would we connect on a virtual platform? Would we resonate? I also had no experience of coaching, but I had high expectations! I was seeking clarity and sought to leave the process with my next step mission statement!

From the very first meeting Mandeep and I connected very well. We resonated at a very deep level, and I have become a big fan of coaching, and an even bigger fan of Mandeep and her coaching style! I have shared and will continue to share her contact with friends and colleagues also going through career changes and challenges.

And so, my quick note to you Mandeep is, thank you, for journeying with me during this critical stage of my life. You have enabled me to be more aware, more intentional, and own and actually enjoy the process. Working with you has benefited not only my transition process, but also my work outlook as a whole, and I have become more effective in my life’s work. Thanks to the work we did together I was able to rediscover my expressive self and in so doing strengthen my voice which had become buried in a lot of emotional clutter and misplaced demands. Peeling back those layers, though tough, has been rewarding and through the tools shared I continue to do the work towards my best myself.

Now the ultimate confession is that I have yet to write my life’s mission in hard copy (I have it in draft), but I continue to do that work. What we did was remove the emotional and perceptual barriers and clutter, as well as rediscover and unlock the inner drives, and finally acquire effective tools to complete the work. Because indeed as often shared in our sessions, our life’s work is not a destination but a process and coaching with you has equipped me with the road map and fuel to get there. Thanks Mandeep! You are a champion!

Wanjiru Gikonyo (Kenya)
Good Governance and Social Justice Activist

I came into coaching feeling overwhelmed with the work required to begin a new job related to diversity that I was responsible for building. I wanted to find my joy in the process.

Coaching helped refocus me. First, it was dedicated time that I made for myself and I stuck to every appointment and to the homework. At the end of our time together, I felt proud of myself for putting myself first. Second, when we started doing the grounding practices, and imagery practices, I slowed down enough to realize while this job was new, starting something new, building something out, have a 5 year plan, etc., those are not new things. And no… I cannot solve racism in 3 months. I have to pace myself, I have to honor myself, I have to see myself not allow my worth to be tied to someone else’s perception of me.

I loved the holistic approach to your coaching. I loved that there was space for listening, inquiry, mirroring, validation, and pushing when needed.

Melita Belgrave, PhD, MT-BC (USA)
Associate Professor of Music Therapy and Associate Dean for Culture and Access, Arizona State University

Christa Püspök

I came to coaching with Mandeep wanting to get clarity about my career, specifically on how to turn my passion into my work and earn my income from it. At the time, I was working in a hotel preparing meals for guests and visitors. Within 7 months of my first coaching session with Mandeep, I’d established a well frequented pop-up restaurant with a colleague.

In working with Mandeep, I realised I was holding onto limiting beliefs. She helped me to identify areas in which I was blocking myself and supported me to reconnect with myself and eliminate these blocks. She also helped me to define what things meant to me and, by helping me to reframe my thinking, to open up to new possibilities. It was only through these processes that I was truly able to realise how much of a dream of mine it was and is to cook professionally as well as feel into how much satisfaction it actually brings me.

What I really appreciated was Mandeep’s holistic, intuitive approach and her integration of a variety of modalities. I experienced the practices offered by Mandeep as immensely effective. Challenges in my life – which I had long wanted to deal with – began to shift and I started to experience changes that enriched my life. It was an incredibly empowering experience, in which I experienced deep healing of past wounds. I continue to use the tools, such as EFT, alone and have even shared them with members of my family – who also love them!

During my sessions with Mandeep, I experienced her as very mindful and I always felt safely held regardless of how intense the feelings that came up were. I experienced a space in which I could say anything and everything – and she gave me space to do so in a way that I have never experience before.

Coaching with Mandeep has dramatically changed the way I approach things in life. I personally feel calmer (even in difficult periods, such as when the pandemic and ensuing lockdowns forced us to pivot at no notice!). I also experience immense satisfaction with what I'm doing and feel confident and empowered in my work and life. I can honestly say that I don’t even want to think about where I’d be without Mandeep’s coaching and support. Thank you, Mandeep!

Christa Püspök (Austria)
Co-Founder & Professional Vegan and Vegetarian Cook at Sloe Pop-up Restaurant,
https://www.facebook.com/sloepopuprestaurant and https://instagram.com/sloepopuprestaurant

Jeannette Urquhart

I have had the distinct pleasure of knowing Mandeep as a coach, a pioneer in social justice, a change agent, and a thought leader. Her knowledge and education as well as her broad experience span multiple disciplines. She adroitly taps into and draws from them seamlessly as she enables organizational and leadership development, entrepreneurial achievement, and individual and group accomplishment.

As a personal coach, Mandeep taught me to explore and reconnect. She introduced me to my own strength, creativity, clarity, and the power of choice that had been lost to me. I am ever so grateful for a life that’s now filled with possibility and one that can be of greater service to others.

Jeannette Urquhart (USA)
Leadership Life Coach (Resilience Speciality)

Kate Larsen

As a social entrepreneur, I am dedicated to having social impact, but can sometimes get stuck in my head around work challenges and having to navigate challenging corporate client dynamics, whilst needing to look after myself, too. Mandeep’s listening and coaching style have supported me to process things I was not even aware of and remove blocks to my success, such as old stories and limiting beliefs in the way of my own impact.

She creates a supportive safe space to explore new "work life balanced" ways of working, how less can be more, and how to tap into a happy, focussed workflow. Mandeep has helped me feel ok about letting go of what has been draining, which helped me make space for new business opportunities that have come my way with even greater social impact potential.

Regular coaching with Mandeep has given me incredible tools and processes as well as new energy and excitement to deliver in evolved ways.

Kate Larsen (UK)
Founder of SupplyESChange, https://supplyeschange.com
Experienced Supply Chains Environmental and Social Impact Change Practitioner

Before I started my sessions with Mandeep, I was slightly apprehensive and unsure about what to expect. We were not even midway through the first session, when Mandeep had me completely relaxed and excited to start working on my goals. The relaxation technique at the start allows you to switch off from the world and concentrate on what's to come.

Mandeep not only puts you at ease, she helps you to put your goals into words. The dreams that you are too scared to say out loud because they are so big. Mandeep is helping me realise my goals for my salon.

I would honestly recommend her to anybody who is ready to take that next step and start realising their goals.

Hajeera Abrahams (South Africa)
Certified Beauty and Massage Therapist

When I sought Mandeep’s coaching, I was a mum to a 4 year old at the time and expecting another little one that year. Whilst I felt like I had a fair bit on my plate at this point, I still wanted to be me as well and achieve some of the things that always seemed to just stay as thoughts in my mind.

Cue Mandeep – her qualities of being compassionate, thoughtful, gentle and encouraging were just what I needed to get me started and feel confident in the things that I really wanted to change or develop in my life. She helped me feel positive about my aspirations and also take this further to set goals, meet them and consider next steps so that I actually felt like I was making real progress and was also really excited to share this with her.

It was no easy task with various challenges along the way, including morning sickness and school runs, but Mandeep’s understanding and approach meant that I never felt that I was on a back foot and this is testament to her valuable coaching abilities.

Ruby Roopra (UK)
Mum, Chartered Surveyor & Personal Stylist, https://instagram.com/ru.roo.style

Gem Kennedy

I've been working with Mandeep regularly for the last 6 months, during what has been a period of deep transformation for me. Mandeep has shown incredible skill in supporting me to peel back the layers of myself, removing limiting beliefs and creating real shifts in all areas of my life.

Her ability to listen and truly hear people is something I've not come across very often and the way in which she combines different techniques intuitively to provide a deep and impactful experience is so valuable.

I would highly recommend Mandeep to anyone who is looking to bring about deep and lasting change in their lives, whilst being held by someone so incredibly kind, heart-centred and knowledgeable.

Gem Kennedy (UK)
Transformational Coach and Queer & Fat Activist, https://www.gemkennedy.com