The transformative process is an unfolding — of possibility

In our coaching partnership, you’ll have a sacred space in which I’ll ask you empowering questions to explore and support you to tap into your own creative solutions to the obstacles you face. I’ll integrate a variety of powerful transformational modalities and tools into coaching sessions to ensure that you receive sessions specifically tailored to your needs. These are empowering tools that you can then practice alone and will have for a lifetime.

You can’t teach anybody anything,
only make them realize the answers are already inside them.
– Galileo Galilei –

I believe that the strength of my coaching is based on a set of beliefs that inform how I listen and see you and hence our relationship. You are resourceful and have the inner wisdom to both overcome challenges and generate your own strategies and action steps. It is my job as coach to support you to enhance your understanding of the skills, resources and creativity that you already have within you. I hold a space, a safe place for you to dive deep and explore, to immerse yourself in yourself, to reflect and allow your own answers to emerge. In addition to being client-led and resourcefulness-based, my coaching is also trauma informed.

In my coaching sessions, I create space to witness and acknowledge the very real impact of different forms of oppression. In a society where historically marginalised individuals and groups raising awareness about discrimination and oppression are often labelled as "victims", I know that the power of being witnessed and acknowledged can be truly transformative. I also share tools to mitigate the impact.

As my client, you'll experience a greater connection to your inner power and guidance, the ability to release limiting beliefs and to create impactful paradigm shifts - leading to greater self-confidence, balance and joy in your life.

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Mandeep not only puts you at ease, she helps you to put your goals into words. The dreams that you are too scared to say out loud because they are so big. Mandeep is helping me realise my goals for my salon.

Next steps

The first step in working with me is to schedule a complimentary introductory session to get to know each other and determine whether working together would be energising and inspiring for us both.

Next, we will co-create a coaching action plan that suits your needs and goals. In order to dive deep, really peel back the layers and create sustainable, lasting transformations, I work with my clients for a minimum of 6 months, meeting online twice a month for hour long sessions.

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